skeletal alignmentNSD (Neuro Skeletal Dynamics) includes the balancing of muscle energy, it has an impact on the small stabilising muscles of the skeletal system. NSD is a light contact on specific points of the body. A firm pressure is not necessary and a light contact on the pointd enable the practitioner to receive a variety of useful feedback from the tissue. Massage therapy 2 to 3 days pre or post an NSD session is an effective complementary  treatment. NSD can be applied through light clothing, therefore, removal of clothing is not required to achieve a result. Always inform your practitioner if you are feeling uncomfortable about any aspect of a treatment session. Report any  post treatment reactions you have concerns about to your practitioner in the hours or days after the treatment session. If you have any quiries regarding your treatment contact the practitioner.

NSD Summary

NSD was developed by Diana Hunter along with Chiropractor friends in South Australia, it went through a variety of name changes prior to and after Neuroskeletal dynamics. Some practitioners today may call it Neurokinetics or Ostealign

Instead of forcing joints into a new position, nerve receptors around the skeleton are activated using a light finger touch. This instigates a process whereby the body realigns itself via muscle toning i.e tightening or relaxing a muscle. This muscle balancing re-positions the joints in the skeletal system and achieve optimum skeletal alignment (for the person being treated) without any external forces apllied.

The NSD process is extremely relaxing and pain free, enabling a high degree of comfort during the treatment, the method is a physiological technique.

The patient can remain fully clothed during the treatment which takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

NSD can assist people experiencing neck, shoulder, back or leg pain or limited movement as a result of skeletal misalignment.