Bowen Therapy

This technique involves a gentle to firm contact on the body. The technique helps to either tighten or loosen off muscles depending on the way the technique is applied. These techniques can either be applied with direct skin contact or through clothing. The Bowen Technique is a specialised technique that helps to balance the bodies muscle fascia tension. Clients often experience a change in their body awareness after a treatment session. A pure Bowen therapist may claim that it is a standalone therapy, and should not be mixed with other treatments. However, I include Bowen style techniques in combination with a variety of other techniques with reasonable results.

Bowen Therapy is quite widely used although clinical data on its success is small, many people still experience excellent results with this type of therapy. Bowen Therapy was developed by Tom Bowen

A view held by some Bowen Therapists, although no evidence nor plausible explanation exists, is that the specific way that Bowen Technique addresses the muscles stimulates the stretch and golgi tendon reflexes as well as joint proprioceptors in a way that heightens the sensory awareness of the body in the area worked on. This can lead to strange sensations such as heat release, tingling and general increased awareness of the areas being worked. These sensations are sometimes mistakenly associated with some form of “energy healing”. Through increasing sensory awareness the move taps into the body’s ability to self-regulate which, in turn, practitioners claim stimulates the body to heal itself.

Polarity therapy

Polarity therapy is a natural health care system that works with the human energy field. Energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature, and polarity therapy asserts that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health.

Energy balancing has been used for thousands of years and is a central concept in many ancient and traditional health care systems such as Ayurvedic medicine from India, and Chinese medicine. Modern scientific research has and continues to provide new understandings to the health benefits and powerful effects of Polarity therapy.


Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines which use the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s wellbeing. Originating in the 1970s, it combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements which inhibit the body’s natural internal energies and accessing the life-enhancing potential within the individual.” (Definition approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association 1999.)