remedial massage

Remedial massage is the treatment of soft tissues aimed at balancing the body’s systems. This systemic balance is part of the modern biomedical understanding of health and disease. Remedial massage helps to promote healthy tissues, reduce pain and optimise postural mobility to improve physical and emotional stability.

NSD (Neuro Skeletal Dynamics) involves the balancing of muscle energy by targeting the stabilising muscles of the skeletal system. NSD requires light contact on specific points of the body. Using firm pressure, on these points is not necessary and light contact gives the practitioner effective feedback. NSD can be applied through clothing, therefore removal of clothing is not necessary to apply the treatment.

Reflexology is a unique and wonderfully relaxing therapy that works on many levels, soothing, calming, balancing and stimulating the entire body. Reflexology offers the opportunity to support those already utilising Medical and Allied Health services, especially in the area of preventative health care. The positive effects of reflexology are increased well-being and disease prevention, reduction of symptoms in both acute and chronic conditions, enhanced healing following surgery, and can complement medical and allied health services through collaboration.